Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea : Using Detox Tea

You're feeling sluggish and generally blah. It is hard for you to muster the energy to make it through a day. When you mention the way you've been feeling to a friend, she suggests that you may be suffering from an overload of toxins in your system. Many people believe that a detox tea treatment can remove toxins from your system and help you become healthier and more energetic. Before you use detox tea, you should:

  • Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist to be sure that this is the right solution for you. Detoxing can be dangerous if you have a health condition that needs to be managed by a specific diet. It can also be unsafe for a woman who is pregnant or nursing, since the baby will already be using so many extra nutrients to grow.
  • Make sure you follow all recommendations for using the tea, including the proper amount of tea to drink each day. Drinking too much of anything can be a bad idea.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Relationship : Break Up Lines...to Avoid

Relatively mature, kind people seem to be rendered nearly brain dead when breaking up with someone. In efforts to avoid conflict, not hurt anyone’s feelings or not look like the bad guy, we often say the oddest things. Let’s be clear, it is not possible to come up with a break up line that makes the process feel good. However, saying the wrong thing can definitely make the whole thing worse.

What shouldn’t you say?

  • Anything that compares the person you’re breaking up with to an ex or to a new person you've met
  • Talking about how difficult getting over the break up will be foryou
  • Pointing out how this whole idea is really in the other person’s best interest
  • Making the famous distinction between loving someone vs. being “in love”
  • Stating you’re no longer interested but you’d like to keep the benefit or convenience of the sex
There are no perfect words to draw on when ending a relationship. Instead, let’s lay out some break up lines to avoid:

  • I’m interested in someone else. You’d really like him/her.
  • You can’t imagine how hard this is for me.
  • I just don’t want you to get too attached.
  • I don’t feel that way about you, but the sex has been really good.
  • I'm getting married this weekend so I won’t be able to see you anymore.
  • Trust me, I’m doing you a favor.
  • I need to find myself.
  • Right now I don't feel like I can give you what you need.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of thinking….
  • I don’t want to be together anymore, but we can still have sex if you want.
  • I love you, but I'm not "in love" with you.
  • It’s not you, it’s me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Health : Do you ache in your back?

If so, it may cause loss of feet. So this is the time to treat it before it is too late, cautions Dr. K K Pandey

Backache and pain in legs have become a common problem these days. Not only old people, but also middle - aged, even younger ones do suffer from this problem of backache and lower limb pain. Never would you have thought in your dreams that this simple backache might lead to loss of your leg and feet, if not managed properly. Generally people think that backache occurs due to some problem with backbone or compression of some backbone nerve or sciatica or stretched out nerve from backbone, but this has never occurred to your mind that this backache might have been due to blockage of blood pipe (artery) situated inside your abdomen and that supplying pure blood to your legs and feet. If a vascular or a cardiovascular surgeon does not treat this condition promptly, the patient may reach a stage where no other choice is left, except for amputation of legs.

What a patient of backache generally does?

People often do not take backache seriously and keep on consulting different kinds of quakes, and in the process they are advised various types of medication and medicinal baths. As expected when there is no relief, and pain gets intensified and colours of skin of toes and feet becomes dark, they ultimately consult bone specialists who diagnose it as either sciatica or spondylitis and continues to treat that way, sometimes a traction with a weight is applied to feet to correct stretched-out nerve causing a so-called sciatic pain. Majority of the physician and family doctors diagnose this type of pain as arthritis or joint pain and casually refers these patients to a bone specialist. Some patients take the help of acupuncture. In spite of all these treatments, there occurs no relief in backache, and ultimately patients reach a stage, where amputation and loss of feet becomes inevitable.

Mother of all Backaches - Lerich Syndrome

This type of backache caused by blockade of arteries supplying blood to lower limbs is called LERICH SYNDROME. In Leriche syndrome, the main artery situated inside the abdomen, that carries blood to legs and feet either gets narrowed considerably, or gets blocked due to deposition of fat inside. This results into a decreased and inadequate supply of pure blood to legs, feet, and other organs situated in the lower part of abdomen. Because of this inadequate blood supply, a person starts complaining of backache. Slowly and slowly pain starts in thighs and after sometime feet also start aching. Gradually intensity of pain increases and later on it becomes unbearable. If timely treatment is not initiated under supervision of a Cardiovascular or a Vascular Surgeon, toes get swollen and start becoming dark and later gangrene develops in the feet. In the end, patient of Leriche syndrome loses his feet.

Digital Photography : Are More Pixels Really Better?

It's the digital camera industry's dirty secret: All pixels are not created equal. They don't tell you, because they want you to suffer from pixel envy. That's how they get you to buy the newest digital camera models.

But is a 10-megapixel camera really better than an 8-megapixel model? Or even a lowly 5-megapixel model? Not necessarily. Here's a case in point:

The 12-megapixel Nikon D300 retails for a little under $1,500. Nikon's D700 is also a 12-megapixel camera... but it sells for about $3,000. Since both are DSLR's, if you don't need the extra features on the D700, you'll get the same quality pictures for $1,500 less, right?

Wrong. Though both cameras offer roughly the same nominal resolution, at 23.6 x 15.8 mm, the D300's sensor is less than half the size of the D700's. That means each pixel in the D700 sensor is able to absorb more light... and thus can provide greater detail and richer color.

But don't knock the D300... it's sensor is still about twice the size of the average point-and-shoot camera's sensor.

Greater nominal resolutions can also create a disadvantage. Smaller pixels tend to increase "noise" - off-color or grainy spots in your photos. That's why your old 6-megapixel camera may have produced better looking photos than your new 10-megapixel model.

So when you're looking for a digital camera, look at two numbers: resolution ("megapixels") and sensor size. Because resolution alone is just half the story.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tea : Herbal Tea for Insomniacs

You can't sleep and you know the last thing you need is a cup of tea. However, you really want a soothing cup of your favorite hot beverage. Is a cup of tea really going to keep you awake instead of helping you finally get to sleep? Actually, sometimes a cup of tea can be just the thing. You just need to avoid drinking caffeinated black or green teas. Instead, look for one of the herbal tea options that has relaxing properties.

People have been falling asleep after a nice cup of chamomile tea for centuries. This herb is known for its ability to relax people and has been used as a natural sedative. To brew this tea, you should heat the water to boiling and then steep it for three minutes. Some people enjoy adding lemon to their tea. This is a great idea, since lemon can help people relax, as well.

Lemon balm tea is also said to provide relief for insomniacs. Simply brew a fresh cup of tea when you are having trouble sleeping or brew a pitcher of iced tea to sip whenever you need to relax.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit to create a soothing tea that works for you. You may find that a mix of chamomile and lemon balm creates the perfect tea.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sex : The Sleepers

This group of afterplayers is probably the most common. After a bit of cuddling, these lovers roll curl up and go to sleep. Typically, those who engage in very rigorous sexual activity are likely to fall into this category, as they’ve exhausted their bodies through strenuous physicality.

Making love is a wonderful way to ease yourself into a deep and healthy sleep. As long as communication is healthy in the waking hours of your relationship, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a good old snooze after sex!

Bonus Tip: More active couples who wish to try sex as a way to unwind, may take a tip from The Sleepers. After sex, pull each other close and rest quietly in each others’ arms. Concentrate on matching your breathing patterns. Let this quiet rhythm lull you into sleep.

Auto Parts : Replacing an Alternator

The alternator is the charging system on a vehicle. Some alternators have more amps than others and some are more expensive than others, but all serve the same purpose. When replacing an alternator on any vehicle -- no matter if its a truck, car, SUV or van -- make sure you can access the bolts. Sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds, especially on front-wheel drive vehicles. It's not uncommon to find yourself removing other parts to be able to reach the bolts to remove the alternator. Another good idea is to make sure you find the belt configuration diagram, this is typically found under the hood of the vehicle or in your owner's manual. You will need this information when reinstalling the belt, whether it be a serpentine belt or just a single alternator belt. The next step is to have tools and a new alternator readily available. Pay close attention to how the alternator is connected to the engine and with a crayon or marker, mark the location of the alternator prior to removal, this will give you an idea of where to put the new alternator so the adjustments won't be a guess. There are usually two areas of concern: the adjustment area, which allows you to move or swivel the alternator into position when loosening and tightening. It also allows for the tension of the belt.

Most vehicles have tensioner pulleys and like any other alternator set, requires you make proper adjustments prior to tightening the alternator completely. The belt can be a bit difficult to remove on front-wheel drive vehicles because of the location of the belt or belts. Take your time and be patient. Look for the wires connected to the alternator, unplug them and proceed to remove the bolts holding the alternator in place. Start with the bolt that allows for adjustment, this should keep you from getting your hands smashed by a moving alternator. Move to the second bolt and remove it. If there is a third bolt, proceed with it, even though its uncommon to find a third bolt holding an alternator in place.

Once all bolts and wires are removed, the alternator is free from the engine. Start the installation of the new alternator. Remember to start with the bolt that does not allow for adjustments. Do not tighten completely, hand tighten or tighten only so that the alternator can be moved for adjustments. Replace the belt, making sure it is going around the pulleys correctly. Once the belt is on, make the proper adjustments and tighten the alternator. Plug the wiring back into the alternator. Now you have replaced your alternator.

Pic from : 2CarPros.com

Air Quality : I Use An Air Cleaner, But Still Smell Smoke

For those who use Air Cleaners to help with at-home cigarette smoke, there are some issues you should be aware of:

1. Air cleaners are generally effective at removing the particles found in tobacco smoke. This is a good thing, as one of the chief concerns is deep inhalation of such particles.

2. Some Air Filtration systems release scent into the air to mask odors, but some do not. You may discover that an offending ashtray smell lingers because of the odors from the cigarette ash is not being masked by the scented air.

3. Cigarette smoke odor is not caused by the particles removed by an Air Cleaner, it is caused by gases which may not be purified with your particular make and model of air filtration system.

If you still smell smoke when using your Air Cleaner, remember that the odor is not an indication of a bad air filter! When in doubt, clean the filter or replace it, but keep in mind these additional factors when it comes to cleaning up the air after a smoker.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Used Car : How to Buy a Used Car From a Dealer

Buying used cars is more common today than ever before. That’s because the likelihood of getting a reliable car at a great price is very high. If you are interested in pre-owned car sales, here are some tips to get you started.

Determine How Much You Can Spend
Remember, owning a car requires more than making a monthly payment. Buyers should also consider all other associated costs of ownership to make the most financially sound decision.

Research All Cars in Your Price Range
Don’t eliminate any used cars from the list until you’ve had a chance to learn about them. Research:

  • Reliability
  • Mileage
  • Insurance Costs
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • History of any recalls
  • Handling
  • Safety

The way a used car looks is important, but appearance shouldn’t be considered apart from the above list. Take all factors together to come up with a list of possible choices and research these more in depth.

Look for Used Car Dealers that Carry the Cars You Are Considering.
Learn about the history of each vehicle before you take a test drive. Unfortunately, test drives cause many buyers to throw caution to the wind. Just because the car shines in the sun and handles well on the drive doesn’t mean it is the best choice.

Used Car : Buying a Used Car from an Owner

Buying a used car from an owner is generally thought to be the least expensive option for getting into a car. If you are buying a used car from a private party, here are some tips to get you off to a strong start.

Research First
Before you begin contacting car owners:

  • Do some research about the kind of car you are looking for. In addition to reading auto magazines and websites, you might also want to talk with friends and family to get their opinions.
  • Know the amount of money you can comfortably afford.
Narrow Your Choices
After you have narrowed your choices to a few cars learn about:

  • Vehicle reliability
  • Annual maintenance costs
  • Mileage per gallon
  • Any past recalls or technical problems (you should be able to find this information in the technical service bulletin of each car you are considering).

Contact the Private Used Car Sellers
You should ask specific questions about the car before you go forward. Examples include:

  • Who was the primary driver? (younger drivers are generally harder on cars than older drivers)
  • What was the car used for most? (Long distance traveling, back and forth to work, etc.)
  • Are service records available for review?
  • Is the title clear and in hand?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Relationship : Long Distance Relationship Advice

Some long distance couples find this to be the best of both worlds. You can live your life without constant attention to the needs of a partner. Yet, you have a person with whom you connect periodically to get a regular dose of romance and fun.

After a while, this can be a double-edged sword, however.

Many couples in long distance relationships find it so much fun and, in a way, so low-impact on their day-to-day lives, that after a while they become convinced that this relationship is obviously “the one.” And sometimes it is. But it’s hard to judge that from a distance.

Perhaps no long distance relationship advice is more important than tobe careful. Do not overestimate a long distance relationship’s potential to translate into a regular relationship where you live in the same town, same home, and are headed towards long-term commitment.

The long distance relationship is an easy place to be on best behavior. Anyone can be accommodating, flexible, and attentive for a long weekend. This says little, in most cases, about how accommodating, flexible and attentive each party will be if you see each other every day, much less live in the same home.

In a nutshell, always remember: a long distance romance is NOT real life. It can be a wonderful little bubble that floats through real life. Party on in that bubble. Live it up.

Real life happens when you step outside that bubble to incorporate both your habits, idiosyncrasies, faults, families, jobs. Life becomes very different from what it was inside that bubble. Make changes to your life with caution.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Relationship : Break Up Advice

We all agree it is compassionate to avoid hurting people’s feelings whenever possible. The “whenever possible” clause creates some confusion when ending a relationship, however. This is an inherently painful time for one or both parties. Many tactics have been used, when breaking up with someone, to attempt sidestepping this inevitable truth. They all fail. Worse yet, avoidance of the plain, honest truth causes more misery then is necessary in these situations. Therefore, avoid being evasive or vague. Be direct while taking responsibility for what you want.

There are no strict rules about how to end a relationship. However, a few tips can help when breaking up with someone.

  • Don’t be evasive, unclear or vague. Be direct and to the point. This is not an enjoyable matter for either of you. Giving false hope or making your partner guess at what you want prolongs everyone’s misery.
  • Do not break up in stages. You may think this will make the loss easier. Don’t fall for it. This only serves to administer low, medium and high doses of pain over a longer interval.
  • Don’t lie or invent a story. Things will not add up and the falsehood will be found out sooner or later - usually sooner. Getting over a break up is hard enough without introducing mistrust. Making someone piece together bits of information while leaving him/her to guess what is true causes unnecessary pain.
  • Don’t blame someone or something else for your choices. Identifying and asking for what you want is an important developmental step and is necessary for mature relationships. Also, hiding behind excuses is pretty transparent. It is likely the other person will see what you are doing. Conversely, if he/she actually believes your excuse, the person will try and problem solve how to remove whatever relationship obstacle you’ve fabricated.
  • Don’t delay ending a relationship. Once you know you want to break up with someone, it does not help if you deny what you feel. Your partner will sense a change, perhaps reaching out for reassurance. This may feel like “neediness” to you which will increase your feelings of being stuck.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cell Phones : Peak Minutes vs. Off Peak Minutes

Ever wonder why a call to your honey is more expensive at night than during the day?

Most cell phone plans include both peak and off peak minutes that are part of the total talk time allotted for the plan. Peak minute times will vary with most plans but the standard timeframe is from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday. Off peak minutes typically include nights and weekends, with nights beginning at 9:00 pm and ending at 6:00 am. The weekend minutes usually begin at 9:00 pm on a Friday evening and end at 6:00 am Monday morning. Of course, this will vary from plan to plan--some carriers offer longer off peak hours or unlimited nights and weekends. 

So what's the difference in your "I love you" at noon and at 8 p.m? Peak minutes, e.g. at noon, are minutes deducted from the total minutes allotted in a given plan. For instance, if the plan has 600 peak minutes, you can talk for up to 600 minutes during peak hours without any additional charges. 
Once the limit is reached, however, overage charges apply (usually on a per minute basis). "I love you" may be invaluable, but it costs you! 

On the other hand, off peak minutes are free with most carriers and are often unlimited, so you can say "My sweetheart" over and over at no charge. 

You need to evaluate the starting and ending times of both peak and off peak minutes when looking for a cell phone plan. Keep a diary of your calls, and chart how much time you spend on the phone during the day versus the evening before deciding which cell phone plan is best for you. 

If you bill and coo during the day, you'll want a plan with a lot of peak minutes, but if you usually talk at night (when no one's around), you'll want a carrier that offers free unlimited nights and weekends with a small amount of day minutes. 

Tip: If you don't know what plan your sweet nothings need when you're starting out, overestimate rather than underestimate phone usage, as overage charges can be brutal. 

Switching schedules to daytime to spend more cuddle time at night? The plan can usually be adjusted within the first 30-90 days at no additional cost to the user or change in the length of the contract.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speakers : Subwoofers and Room Placement

Subwoofer are designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies of our audible hearing range. These sound waves from the subwoofer can exceed 30 feet in length, and interact with a room's walls, ceilings, and floors. Depending on room placement, a sub creates cancellations, or reinforcements of the sub-bass. You can even prove this for yourself. 

Compare the performance of your subwoofer based on room placement. Try it in the middle of the room, against a wall, and then in a corner. You should notice a marked difference in the level of bass from one location to another. Additionally, the subwoofer will sound different based on your position in the room in relation to the subwoofer. 

For home theater, placement in the corner generally gives the smoothest response. For music and music videos, the subwoofer MUST be placed in between the main speakers (or very close) to avoid loosing some notes in some listening locations. Some hardcore audiophiles will use SPL meters, and advanced test equipment like RTA's to optimize subwoofer placement.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Health : Too Much Cola Can Cause Muscle Problems

(HealthDay News) -- Drinking too much cola can increase the risk of a muscle problem called hypokalemia, experts warn.

In people with hypokalemia, a drop in blood potassium levels results in problems with vital muscle functions. Symptoms can range from mild weakness to serious paralysis, say Greek researchers who conducted a review of people who drank between two to nine liters of cola a day.

Two of the patients were pregnant women who were admitted to hospital with low potassium levels. One was a 21-year-old woman who drank up to three liters of cola a day and complained of fatigue, appetite loss and persistent vomiting. Anelectrocardiogram revealed she had a heart blockage, and blood tests showed she had low potassium levels, the researchers explained in a news release.

The second pregnant patient, who'd consumed up to seven liters of cola a day for 10 months, had low potassium levels and was suffering from increasing muscular weakness, the researchers noted.

Both patients made a rapid and full recovery after they stopped drinking cola and took oral or intravenous potassium. The case studies are described in the June issue of the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

"We are consuming more soft drinks than ever before, and a number of health issues have already been identified including tooth problems, bone demineralization and the development of metabolic syndrome and diabetes," and there's increasing evidence that excessive cola consumption leads to hypokalemia, Dr. Moses Elisaf, of the University of Ioannina, said in the news release.

Elisaf said the three most common ingredients in cola -- glucose, fructose and caffeine -- can contribute to hypokalemia.

"The individual role of each of these ingredients in the pathophysiology of cola-induced hypokalemia has not been determined and may vary in different patients," Elisaf said. "However, in most of the cases we looked at for our review,caffeine intoxication was thought to play the most important role. This has been borne out by case studies that focus on other products that contain high levels of caffeine but no glucose or fructose."

However, "caffeine-free cola products can also cause hypokalemia because the fructose they contain can cause diarrhea," Elisaf said.

More information

The MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia has more about hypokalemia.

link : http://health.yahoo.com/news/healthday/toomuchcolacancausemuscleproblems.html